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Forest Park presents a donation
to St Francis Hospice
St Francis Hospice in Havering-atte-Bower are pleased to receive a donation of £2260 from Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium this week.

Maria Tillett-Hayes from St Francis Hospice said:

"We are delighted and grateful to Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium for kindly providing this donation. It will help St Francis Hospice continue its daily support for the patients and families in our care".

Jason King, the manager at Forest Park Crematorium stated that similar donations have been made previously to other charities and explains haw they raise the money:

"When a loved one is cremated there is often some metal remaining. We gain consent from every bereaved family when they make funeral arrangements to allow us to recycle this metal. This is sensitively removed and recycled in a non-profit manner. Any funds that are raised from this process are returned to the crematorium to be donated to a charity of our choice. This year we have raised £2260 and we believe it is a fitting tribute to donate this to such an important charity as St Francis Hospice."

Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium in Hainault has always prided itself on providing a professional service to the needs of the bereaved and our metal recycling process is testament to this commitment.
St Francis Hospice

Issue 4 June 2011

Dear Reader

Who could believe after such a wet winter that we are now facing a summer drought! A few months ago we were knee deep in mud and now we are falling down the cracks in the ground. Come rain or shine we will endeavour to ensure Forest Park is always maintained to the highest standards throughout the year and the feedback we receive from families and visitors supports this.

I am happy to announce the appointment of Joe Claxton as a new member of the Forest Park team. He will be overseeing many of the funeral services as well as other duties around the cemetery & crematorium. Joe is new to this role and I am pleased he is demonstrating the high level of commitment and dedication required for such an important position.

Our new 'Garden of Memories' has a variety of cremation memorial plots ranging from classic rose bushes and wall tablets to living and contemporary memorials such as trees and mini graves. This area has already proved to be very popular with families wishing to have a dedicated plot at Forest Park and is maturing nicely. If you require any information on cremation memorials please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Jason King Manager

Christmas Remembrance Service

We will be holding our annual Christmas Remembrance Service in our chapel
on Wednesday 7th December at 6pm
We hope this service will assist all those who are bereaved to reflect and remember their loved ones at this time of the year. The service this year will be conducted by the staff at Forest Park and will consist of poems, words of comfort, popular carols and prayers of remembrance.

The service will last approximately 45 minutes. Light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you. Please be aware of the limited seating space in the chapel and standing may be required.

Please call into the office or phone 020 8501 2236 for further information.


Last year we laid out our new lawn and traditional section 'Forest Meadow' which overlooks Hainault Forest and to-date over fifty plots have been purchased.

Earlier this year landscaping continued on the section which saw the planting of over 100 conifer trees. The new trees are planted along the boundary, beside the existing railings and this creates a more secluded area that is pleasantly screened from the outside world.

Future work is planned and this will include completion of the vehicle layby and grounds improvements.

New headstones are already appearing following recent burials and these can be arranged through our office. If you would like any information regarding memorials on 'Forest Meadow' or anywhere in the cemetery please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you.

DID YOU KNOW? Grave conditions

  • When a grave has been backfilled it will take many months, even years for the plot to fully settle, dependant on weather & soil conditions.
  • If a full memorial (headstone & kerbs) is desired it is advised to leave the grave for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Full memorials may sink slightly, even after this period and those purchased from Forest Park will be levelled at no charge for two years after fitting.
  • Initial sinking can cause a severe drop in soil levels and create a hole. It is appreciated this can be upsetting for families to see. We are aware of these and will attend to them with heavy soil at the earliest convenience.
  • Forest Park soil is Clay and graves will consist of large lumps until they have settled and been grassed over.
  • When a grave is excavated it may be larger than the plot size to allow for shoring. To maintain the grounds and the appearance of the cemetery the actual size is always 6'6” x 2'6” and this cannot be exceeded by owners.

Barkingside Cemetery
Following several problems over recent years with the water taps in the cemetery it has been decided complete replacement is required as opposed to endless repairs. The old water system of lead pipes possibly dating back to when the cemetery opened in the early 1920's is leaking in many areas and as a result the water had to be turned off which we appreciate is inconvenient to visitors. Work on installing new pipes and taps is due to start very shortly.

Buckingham Road
Work is due to commence on cleaning and repainting all the old railings at Buckingham Road Cemetery and the adjacent St Mary's Church. This work has been organised by Forest Park who have already invested a large amount of resources in improving the condition of the cemetery over the years. We are working in conjunction with the National Probation Service to carry out this work. It is fitting that a cemetery that has been blighted by crime is being restored with the help of the probation service who are providing the labour.

Who's Who at Forest Park?

mike mocock MICK MOCOCK

A very familiar face at Forest Park is Mick who is regularly seen out and about in the grounds and is very well liked by colleagues and visitors alike. Mick started work at Redbridge over 20 years ago and transferred to Forest Park in 2005. Mick has a wealth of experience in all aspects of burial, cremation and grounds maintenance and his commitment to his work has helped establish Forest Park as a high quality cemetery & crematorium.

For some time now, families have asked if they could pay at more regular intervals on their current cremation memorial plot, avoiding the need for a lump sum payment at the end of the lease term.

In response to this we are pleased to now offer a 'protected lease scheme' whereby you can add to the lease of your memorial, such as a tree or family garden, in advance, on an annual basis.

The scheme also helps us retain up to date contact details and alleviates the common fear that the memorial may be removed at the end of the lease period should we be unable to contact you.

How does the scheme work?
You would pay an annual lease extension by standing order for a set amount, on or about the same time each year until such time as you cancel. Once you cancel, the lease term currently remaining on the memorial will continue to maturity, at which time you will be offered the opportunity to renew again.

We very much hope this will offer you peace of mind and help ease the potential burden of a lump sum renewal in the future. It also allows you to extend the lease at today's prices thus avoiding the inevitable effect of inflation.

If you would like further information please contact the office and we will send you full details for your consideration.

And finally - PARKING 'BLACK SPOT'!

car park One visitor was so impressed with our display of roses on the bank in the car park that they wanted to take a closer look, a much closer look. One onlooker remarked that it was 'blooming good parking'.


2010 ISSUE 1.... click for more news

Over four years have passed since Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium opened its gates to serve the needs of the bereaved.

I am very humbled that in such a short time we have already gained a reputation for quality and professionalism. The feedback we receive from those saddened by loss, funeral directors and clergy motivates us to ensure we continue the high standards we have already established. It is with this in mind I thought that an occasional short newsletter would help us keep those who visit Forest Park updated with any developments, events and notifications that may be of concern or interest. All the staff at Forest Park take great pride in the service we provide and we are here to help wherever possible for the needs of the bereaved. Who knows what the next four years will bring as we strive to go from strength to strength?

Jason King Manager

The death of a baby is a devastating experience and grieving parents are often overwhelmed when arranging the funeral. We are currently completing plans for a dedicated baby memorial garden which will consist of burial and cremation plots and will be tastefully landscaped. This work is scheduled for 2009/10. Once completed we hope that this garden will offer a tranquil place for parents to remember their baby.
Forest Park is pleased to announce our latest memorial brochure is now available. We have recently updated our vast range of headstones and traditional memorials all of which show our commitment to quality. Each memorial can be modified to create a unique form of remembrance for your loved one and this work is carried out by skilled craftsmen who guarantee excellent results. We can also offer a full range of memorial services such as renovations and additional inscriptions to existing headstones at Forest Park or any of the other Redbridge Cemeteries. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you would like a copy of the brochure or if you wish to discuss any memorial options.


  • The music system is computerised and our database currently has over 5000 tracks. These are being added to daily following funeral requests. If it has been commercially recorded we can source it!
  • Our chapel can comfortably seat 96 people with additional standing room and it is fully air-conditioned.
  • The chapel is multi-denominal and can be adapted to meet the various needs of the bereaved.
  • When we opened we offered 45 minute service times as standard. Neighbouring crematoria soon followed our lead.
  • The largest number of people attending a funeral at one time was over 450 people. Our external speakers ensured all heard the service.

As part of our continual commitment to improving our service to the community we recently conducted a simple survey to gauge the need for providing refreshments for the public at Forest Park. The results will help us collect useful information in order to look at ways of improving our facility in the future. Over 130 forms were completed and we thank all those who took the time to fill one out.

  1. Should the crematorium provide a simple drinks machine? 95% YES 5% NO
  2. Should the crematorium provide a public area for refreshments? 70% YES 30% NO
  3. Should the crematorium provide a private hospitality suite on-site? 74% YES 26% NO
New Burial Sections
All the plans have already been completed and the paths are due to be installed for the new burial sections in Forest Park Cemetery. The current Roman Catholic section will be extended together with a new multi-denominal section consisting of traditional graves and lawn plots. Plots should be available for immediate burial from late autumn 2009. The new plans will allow for nearly 600 new grave spaces with the majority offering views of Hainault Forest. As always grave spaces may be purchased by the public in reserve to ensure a future burial space at the current price. If you wish to pre-purchase a grave please make an appointment with the office when the plots become available. Also available on the Roman Catholic section are a limited number of concrete burial vaults. These are situated along the road side and offer an alternative to traditional earth graves.

To ensure we are able to maintain the grounds to a high standard and in the interest of health & safety it is important to remind grave owners that items should not be placed outside the confines of the grave space.

  • Please contact the office if you change address to ensure our records are up to date should we need to contact you. Do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any concerns regarding the grave plot or if we can provide any advice regarding memorials.
In 2007 Forest Park was among the many crematoria throughout the country that was affected by the theft of metal memorial plaques. This despicable act by those trying to make a quick profit clearly shows they had no regard for the feelings of the recently bereaved and the distress caused by their actions. The management at Forest Park offered to replace the plaques at no cost to anyone who was affected by the theft. Alternatively we offered the opportunity for a stone memorial replacement to prevent a possible re-occurrence. As a result the small stone memorials proved to be a popular alternative to traditional metal plaques as many families opted for this style. In consultation with our memorial department new designs were created to offer families a choice of cremation memorial. These have been designed to compliment the types of cremation plot available at Forest Park such as the family gardens and trees. Samples of these memorials are on view in our office and several designs are already in place within the new 'Halo Garden' in the Garden of Remembrance.

2010 ISSUE 2.... click for more news


hospice Haven House Children's Hospice in Woodford Green is pleased to receive a donation of £1250 from Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium this week.

Jane Steward from Haven House Children's Hospice said:

"We are delighted and grateful to receive this kind donation from Forest Park Cemetery and Crematorium. It will help Haven House continue its support for the children and families in our care".

Jason King the manager at Forest Park Crematorium explains how they raised the money for the donation:

"When a loved one is cremated there is often some metal remaining. We ask every bereaved family when they make the funeral arrangements if they would allow us to recycle this metal. These are sensitively removed and recycled in a non-profit manner. Any money that is raised from this process is returned to the crematorium and donated to a charity of our choice. This year we are please to have raised £1250.

I appreciate that this is an extremely sensitive subject but hope that bereaved relatives can take some comfort in knowing that the money raised has helped a good cause. We are delighted to donate to Haven House Children's Hospice knowing the donation will benefit them in continuing their important work".

Forest Park Cemetery & Crematorium, which opened in 2005, has always prided itself on providing a professional service to the bereaved and the metal recycling process is testament to this commitment.

childrens hospice

Issue 2 April 2010

It looks like the poor weather is finally changing for the better and Forest Park should soon start to bloom and brighten.

Despite all the heavy snow and excessive rain over the long winter months no funeral service was disrupted or delayed. Thanks go to everyone who worked hard to ensure a professional service was maintained. We are pleased to announce that our new website is now on-line, It is hoped that this will be helpful if you are making funeral arrangements or want further information about the cemetery & crematorium. Feedback is always welcome for future improvements. Please remember if you are thinking of organising a memorial headstone do not hesitate to contact our office where we can provide you with a brochure and offer you any advice. Our memorial brochure shows a huge variety of choice together with outstanding quality.

Jason King Manager

We have recently completed the first stage of the work on our new children's remembrance garden called 'The Little Meadow'. We hope to finish this development once the weather improves. This has been sensitively designed to accommodate the interment of babies and young children including cremated remains. The garden will officially open later in 2010 once it has matured and we sincerely hope this peaceful area will provide comfort to families who have suffered the unbearable loss of a child.


  • The first UK crematorium opened in Woking in 1885.
  • In 2008 - 72.5% of funerals within the UK were cremations which accounts for 422,853 deaths.
  • Forest Park Crematorium conducts an average of 1250 cremations per year.
  • All cremations are performed by qualified technicians who follow a strict code of cremation practice.
  • The cremation process takes on average 1.5hrs.
  • The Westerleigh Group who own Forest Park currently operate 12 crematoria throughout the UK with 2 more due to open later in 2010.
Renovation work continue... Buckingham Road Cemetery in Seven Kings is among the cemeteries that are now managed by Forest Park on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge. Unfortunately like so many Victorian cemeteries throughout the country Buckingham Road has suffered from years of neglect and elements of anti-social behaviour. Forest Park is committed to a high level of care for older cemeteries so that future generations can visit and enjoy the social history. Since 2005 the company has invested in many improvements. Regular grounds maintenance and litter clearance ensures the cemetery is well presented for the public. This year has seen a continuation of our tree maintenance programme that has opened up areas within the cemetery together with the demolition of the disused mortuary building that was at the centre of the anti social problem. Council officials and visitors to the cemetery have remarked on the improvements already made and this is encouraging as we continue to progress with our task that will see further improvements in the years to come.
Forest Park has recently increased its burial capacity
and installed new pathways within the cemetery to meet the demands for grave spaces. The cemetery is already proving to be a popular choice for people to lay their loved ones to rest and families are also taking advantage of being able to reserve graves for the future. Since the first interment in 2005 regular visitors have commented on how nice the cemetery is looking now it is maturing. The office at Forest Park has provided many of the fine memorials that are now installed within the cemetery and this has helped ensure a consistent appearance to an environment that is very important to the bereaved. The new areas will see approximate space for over 600 new graves. This includes a continuation of the Roman Catholic section together with a complete new multi-faithed section called 'Forest Meadow' which will incorporate lawn and traditional graves.

Roman Catholic burial vaults

  • A limited number of enclosed concrete burial vaults are available on the Roman Catholic section.
  • They are situated in a position on the roadside overlooking the forest.
  • All weather position and solid construction.
  • Permits extra large and unique memorials to be installed immediately.
  • The vaults allow up to two interments.
  • Similar design to burial vaults and chambers in continental cemeteries and Catholic cemeteries within the UK
  • For further information, availability and prices, please contact the office.
Our annual Christmas remembrance service was held in our chapel in mid-December. As with previous years this was very well attended and for both evening services the chapel was filled to capacity. These services are held for all those who have had a funeral at Forest Park and provides great comfort at a difficult time of the year for families who have had a recent bereavement. The remembrance service consisted of popular carols, prayers, readings and refreshments. Donations of over £300 were also collected during the evening for Richard House children's hospice.

2010 ISSUE 3.... click for more news

Dear Reader

Another year has flown by and 2011 is now well underway. Again we have survived the ice and snow, which has threatened on several occasions to disrupt funeral services. Roll on summer!

It is hard to believe that Forest Park has now been open for 6 years. I remember it as a bleak open field, a blank canvas and it only seems like yesterday. I look at it now and see how full the grounds are becoming and the vibrant colours of the plants and flowers growing among the variety of remembrance items within the gardens which I believe makes Forest Park unique.

Many people I talk to have come to call the crematorium 'The Park' and I truly hope this relaxed park-like atmosphere offers comfort to the bereaved as they visit the resting place of their loved ones. Unfortunately, this year we will all feel the effect of the continuing economic problems.

This will affect many people who may wish to arrange a memorial for their loved ones' grave. We have kept our prices as low as possible and I emphasise our guarantee and commitment to quality and service to assist you in your memorial requirements.

Jason King Manager

The garden of remembrance at Forest Park has proven to be a highly desirable environment for families to lay their loved ones cremated remains to rest. The free flowing landscape is pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of individualism. The problem we are facing now is space. In order to conserve space while retaining the variety of memorials that have proved very popular, we designed a new area called the 'Garden of Memories'.

This area of the garden was completed late in 2010 and is set on and around a block paved walkway. The garden will incorporate every design of memorial previously offered at Forest Park in a formal layout. This will include mini graves, roses, vases and several dedicated spaces for memorial benches. The surrounding area will be laid out with family gardens and trees.

We hope this garden will provide a comforting place to sit and remember as it takes shape and matures. If you are interested in organising a cremation memorial at Forest Park please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Cremation plots are now available within the 'Little Meadow' memorial garden. These include communal areas and individual plots for cremated remains.

A large communal 'Gates of Heaven' memorial is soon to be installed for inscribing the names of the babies interred within the garden.

Small plots for babies 'Born Asleep' are also available now and we hope to complete the burial section for older children later in the year.


  • When a grave is purchased the owner does not own the land but owns the 'exclusive rights of burial' in the plot for the duration of the lease stated on the deed.
  • Grave rights at Forest Park are granted for a period of 50 years.
  • Grave plots may be purchased in reserve.
  • The person named on the deed is the only person who can authorise the opening of the grave for burial which can include cremated remains. Naturally, the owner has the right to be interred there.
  • The exclusive right of burial also permits the owner to place a memorial on the grave during the lease period subject to cemetery regulations.
  • When a lease expires the rights return to the cemetery but under current law any person buried in the grave will remain there forever.
At the request of the London Borough of Redbridge the derelict Victorian chapel within the Buckingham Road Cemetery, Ilford was demolished and the surrounding ground levelled. This work was completed in November 2010 which saw a dramatic change in the landscape of the cemetery. The war memorials attached to the chapel were relocated to Barkingside Cemetery.

The old chapel had been derelict for over 10 years and was in a bad state of repair. In recent years it had been regularly broken into and used as a shelter for rough sleepers and drug addicts despite numerous attempts at securing it. This was affecting the overall security of the cemetery and becoming an eyesore for visitors. Following a recent fire, plans were pushed forward to demolish the chapel as soon as possible in the interests of safety.

The chapel stood in the cemetery for about 150 years and was part of the landscape and it is a shame that after all these years antisocial elements would eventually destroy the building.

On a positive note the demolition will form part of a long term restoration plan for the cemetery that has seen improvements over the years. This has included vast clearance of overgrowth, memorial inspections and regular maintenance to open up the cemetery and make for a more pleasant place for people to come and visit and pay their respects.


It was with great pleasure that Forest Park was able to present Haven House Children's Hospice in Woodford Green with a donation of £1,250 in the summer of 2010. Forest Park has previously raised donations for a number of charities and recently we chose to support Haven House.

We also raised a further £210 at our annual Christmas remembrance service from public donations. Forest Park Manager Jason King has visited Haven House and seen the important work the hospice performs in helping the children and families in their care. The carers at the hospice are extremely dedicated and we hope our donations will benefit the children and families they care for.

Burial memorials

At Forest Park we take pride in the level of care we offer to families when organising a burial memorial for the grave of their loved one.

We provide a vast number of styles and designs in a variety of natural stone colours. We can provide everything from a simple headstone to a bespoke design incorporating different elements from our brochure.

We offer competitive prices on all our memorials and include the cost of fixing, 50 letters of inscription and VAT in our total price.

We guarantee that all our burial memorials will be of good workmanship and sound materials for 30 years. We will also level the memorial, without charge for two years following completion should it become uneven.

Our office is on-site so our staff can assist you with any memorial requirements such as additional inscriptions & renovations or guidance on how to look after your memorial.

Brochures are available from our office.


Our annual Christmas Remembrance Services were held on December 7th in our chapel and it was nice to see they were well attended on both occasions. At the conclusion of the service families were given the opportunity to write remembrance cards and place them on the tree before enjoying a mince pie and glass of wine. Although the format for the service has been similar over the years we have decided that we will look at making some changes to the programme for Christmas 2011.

Watch this space!