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Living Memorials

Family Gardens

These are one of our most popular memorials. These consist of a private area dedicated to one person or family and are planted with an assortment of small shrubs and bedding. There is also the opportunity to make the memorial more unique by adding an alternative boulder or marker, or even a bird bath or sun dial.

Ashes can be interred at the memorial if required.


A rose offers a beautiful and traditional way of commemorating your loved one in our garden of remembrance. We offer the opportunity to dedicate a rose bush in one of our popular communal beds, or even a standard rose positioned on our lawns should you desire your own special plot giving you the option for further planting.


A variety of trees have been planted for dedication. We offer either woodland trees in our woodland belt, some of which are mature varieties, or ornamental flowering cherry trees in more formal parts of the garden.

Ashes can be interred at the memorial if required.

Boulders & Stones

A range of granite pebbles, boulders and carved stones that can be engraved with the dedication of your choosing and placed with your living memorial.

Please note these boulders and stones are only available with the living memorials detailed above.